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Our Costs Lawyer Gavin Elliott can conduct advocacy in any costs or detailed assessment proceedings.  

Where a claim for costs exceeds £75,000 a detailed assessment will be necessary whereby each party would need to be represented in person.  Gavin can attend hearings and deal with the advocacy on your behalf.

In those claims where the claim for costs is less than £75,000 they will normally be assessed by way of a provisional assessment.  This is a paper exercise by the Court in the absence of the parties.  A party may request an oral review if they are unhappy with the outcome of a provisional assessment and Gavin can deal such reviews, however the party requesting the oral review will be liable for their own and their opponent’s costs of the oral review, unless they better the provisional assessment by 20% or more. 

As the oral review is normally before the same Costs Officer or Judge who has undertaken the provisional assessment, it is essential to present your case in the best light at the outset to avoid the need to seek a review due to the costs risks associated with doing so.  

Gavin can also deal with hearings relating to any other applications relating to costs.


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