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Resolving costs issues in Court through the detailed assessment process can be a lengthy process.  Often costs issues can be resolved more quickly and at a lower cost through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) or other mediation.

Parties also have a duty to consider mediation or ADR to further the overriding objective and we have experience of resolving costs disputes through these processes.

There are a number of options available and we can advise you on the most suitable and costs effective way of resolving disputes to include early neutral evaluation, expert determination of specific issues or assessments of bills in full. 

For example we participated in mediation on behalf of 40 Claimants in a group litigation clinical negligence claim. Although settlement could not be reached during the mediation itself we did narrow the issues with our opponent and shortly after we recovered costs for the Claimants at a higher level than had previously been offered by the Defendant.

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