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The procedure for the assessment of costs in civil claims is set out in CPR Part 47.  We have extensive knowledge and experience of the process and can assist or advise clients, or deal with the entire process on your behalf.

Once a detailed bill of costs or electronic bill of costs has been prepared we can assist with service of the bill, advise you in relation to issues raised by the paying party in Points of Dispute, draft Replies to Points of Dispute, deal with negotiations with the paying party to include advice on making offers and in relation to offers received, and advise and represent clients during the assessment itself.

Where the claim for costs does not exceed £75,000 the Court will ordinarily undertake a provisional assessment of costs on a paper basis without it being necessary for either party to attend to provide oral submissions. 

It is therefore important to ensure that all relevant information is provided to the Court in the bill of costs in order to maximise recovery on assessment. 

As we have considerable knowledge and experience in the assessment of costs, we can foresee issues that might arise, or be raised by a paying party during the assessment and tackle these issues head on in the bill of costs. 

With our extensive knowledge of the CPR and case law we can also address issues raised by paying parties in their Points of Dispute when Replies are prepared to improve the prospect of a favourable outcome on assessment.

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