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AJB Legal is regularly instructed in relation to costs disputes arising from personal injury cases. Examples include:

We dealt with costs budgeting and the detailed assessment of costs arising from a fatal RTA claim and helped the Claimant to recover costs in the sum of £158,000.

We dealt with the preparation of a detailed bill of costs and detailed assessment proceedings in a pre LASPO case on behalf of a Claimant who fell whilst exercising a horse.  The Defendant argued that that it was an accident at work claim and that the success fee should be limited to 25%. On assessment, the Court accepted the arguments we made on behalf of the Claimant and allowed a success fee of 75%.  Costs inclusive of interest and costs of the assessment were recovered in excess of £44,000.  The Defendant had only offered £26,000 prior to the assessment.

We were instructed on behalf of a Claimant following a successful claim arising out of a tripping accident. It was necessary for costs to be assessed and the Court assessed the Claimant’s costs in the sum of £8,289.24.  In accordance with our advice, the Claimant had made a Part 36 offer in the sum of £8,250 before setting the matter down for assessment and recovered an additional 10% uplift on costs, interest on costs at 10% above the base rate and costs of the detailed assessment proceedings on the indemnity basis.

We recently received details of a provisional assessment undertaken on a bill of costs arising out of a slipping accident suffered in a supermarket. We had prepared a costs budget during the claim and a costs management order was made.  The costs were provisionally assessed by the Court in excess of £50,000 after the Costs Judge agreed with our submissions that there was no need to depart from the agreed budget. The Court also allowed an hourly rate for the incurred costs in excess of the guideline rates.  Prior to the assessment the Defendant had offered only £37,000.

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